Rik Napoli Shine
$12.50 includes shipping in US
Rik's 2013 CD, Shine, Perfect As I See, So Much To Say, Nothing Lasts, Why Why Why, She Prays, Ever Hear The Words, Round And Round, Does Anybody Know, I Believe
Produced by Rik Napoli and Dave Fridmann


$6.00 includes shipping in US
Rik's band with Chris Murphy 4 song 1998 CD, Hey!, Love's So Strong, Old Man, In Your Own Words
Produced by Spinpop, songs by Rik


Rik Napoli Different Worlds
$7.00 includes shipping in US
Rik's 1994 CD, first time, on my way home, may i ask, different worlds, peace of mind, heaven, my prayer, feel it again, the leaving
Produced by Chris Murphy


Rik Napoli Fear and Love
$7.00 includes shipping in US
Rik's 1991 CD, as the sun sets, mechanical man, in like with you, and if i ask, song of peace, say hello, eight days, hold me now (please), ain't nothin', believe in me
Produced by Chris Murphy